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C220 M3 FCOE and Netapp Fc via nk5

i installed esx 5.5 on a c220 M3 with VIC1225 connected via FCOE to 2 X nk5.

i nstalled netapp FAS2240-4 with FC connectivity to the same nk5.

after set the FCOE feature and configure the FC interface and did the vfc procedure in every switch i can see all the WWPN.

VSAN for now is the same in both switch but i will change it to be different.

i created only 1 zone between esx and netapp and i cant see that netapp recieved a FC login request from server.

my concern is that the VIC caard is not configured correctly or there is a FCOE issue.

does anyone with a VIC1225 experiance this kind of behavior in the implementation?

Cisco Employee

Hello Yoed,

If I understood it correctly, you have installed ESXi on storage local to the server but trying to access to data luns ( datastores ) from your SAN array. Is that correct ?

If yes, please provide following information

From CIMC, adapter information

1)   NIV enabled or disabled ?

2)  FIP enabled or disabled ?

3)  Default VLAN configuration ?

From N5K,

show run int eth x/y

show run int vfc X

show vlan fcoe

show int vfc x/y

Is this straight through configuration or links from VIC connects to both N5K in vPC mode ?


thanks padramas,

you are correct - esxi installed on local disk (sd card).

my problem is to connect the luns.

1)   NIV enabled or disabled ? did not see were to configure (do i need to enable?).

2)  FIP enabled or disabled ? enabled

3)  Default VLAN configuration ? in the VIC i changed to the VSAN VLAN but that didnt help.

regarding the last question each port from VIC connect to each nk5 and i can configure a vpc but i dont know if i need because i dont want to use san portchannel.


Can you please provide interface configuration of N5K switch ports that are connected to VIC adapter ?

NIV ( VNTAG )  information is available in CIMC > Inventory > Cisco VIC adapters > General > Modify Adapter properties > enable VNTAG mode.


issue solved

it was a QOS parrameters that missconfigured.

thanks for quick responed.

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