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Field Notice 70545

Information to Collect while opening a UCS Service request



What can we collect before opening a case for Unified Computing System(UCS) ?


Generic Details


Serial Number and Part Details

UCS Server Serial Number : e.g. XXXXXXX in Serial number field. Check UCSM or CIMC 

Product ID(PID) or part number : e.g. UCSB-B200-M5-U - Serial number field. Check UCSM or CIMC

Contract Details

Cisco Contract Number : e.g. High-Touch Expert Care or Solution Support or SMART or SMARTnet contract number

Share: ISV1 contract for Cisco Support for Independent Software e.g. VMWare assistance

(Note : ISV1 stands for Independent Software Vendor Application Services)

Preferred Time and Timezone for customers

Preferred time to work :

Preferred Timezone to work to best suit customer timezone :

Note :

Cisco Worldwide Support Contacts is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Technical Details 


Logs from UCS Server


Standalone UCS Rack Server

CIMC Tech Support:


UCS Rack Server with UCS Manager Integrated

1. UCSM tech support - Select UCSM radio button to select

2. CIMC tech support - Select Rack Server radio button followed by Rack number


UCS Blade Server

1. UCSM tech support - Select UCSM radio button to select

2. Chassis tech support - Select Chassis radio button followed by Chassis number


Collect Information from the Host Operating System(OS)



Operating System Version : Open Powershell and apply the command systeminfo

Collect System Logs



Operating System Version : SSH to the Server or open command prompt and type hostnamectl OR cat /etc/redhat-release

Collecting Linux SOS Report



Operating System Version : vmware -vl

Build numbers and versions of VMware ESXi/ESX

Collecting VMWare logs


 Cisco Hardware Compatibility List(HCL) Matrix

(Note : No Cisco Login is required for view mode)

Question :

Are the drivers as per Cisco Hardware Compatibility List(HCL) Matrix ?

Answer :

What we need to know before check :

Server Type : e.g. B-Series / C-Series UCSM Managed / C-Series - Standalone

Server Model : e.g. UCS B200-M3 / UCS C240-M5L

Processor Version : Intel 2650 v2 as Intel 2600 v2

Operating System : e.g. Microsoft/ VMWare

Operating System Version : e.x. ESXi 7.0


The driver version(e.g. enic, fnic, sas) versions are cisco recommended hence needs to verified and installed on the host operating system


How to verify and install the driver version on Host OS as per Cisco UCS HCL matrix



How to upload logs to case methods)


Note : Chose the most appropriate technical keywords for the technical issue while opening Service requests


Disclaimer : The above details collected are basic and more details might be required as per Cisco TAC Troubleshooting.

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