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Absolute Beginner Needs Help!


I have changed to an ISP that uses VOIP instead of the standard UK phone line. My phone connects to their in home server using a VOIP phone adaptor connected to an ethernet port. I am a home user with one line and number.

As their service only provides basic functions for dialling, I wanted to incorporate extra functions such as caller ID. I did some searching on the web and purchased a SPA112 2 Port Adaptor, but I have absolutely no idea what I do with it!

I understand it needs to be accessed, similar to a router, but having done so I can find no apparent options that allow me to setup the functionality.

As a complete beginner to this technology, is anyone willing to give me some pointers /websites / instructions?

How do I access the device and set up caller ID.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Absolute Beginner Needs Help!

here is many configuration guides available from cisco site - if the provider only provides basic dial facility (that means as per industry standard, he only allows you to make calls ? does the provider allow you for incoming and change the caller ID facility ? ) - check with the provider.


here is a basic setup guide?


cisco configuration guide for SPA.

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Re: Absolute Beginner Needs Help!

The link only provides information for one supplier. As I don't subscribe the them it is pretty useless for me.

The sales information makes no mention of being restricted the the functionality of the provider. Only with what the device can do.

I have purchased it on the basis that I can do all the things it states when connected to my ISP who only provides a basic service.

Can someone please confirm how I get it to block withheld numbers for instance?

It would appear I have been duped into purchasing this item based upon the manufacturer's date regarding the device capability when they should make it clear that the device cannot do what they state is will.

If I buy a bluetooth device I expect it to work with bluetooth. I don't expect to be told it is useless as someone else's bluetooth is different. The same should be for VOIP. I can configure Firefox to do what I want and that is just another internet connection.

This is probably why Cisco avoid all customer support.

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Re: Absolute Beginner Needs Help!

The information provided an example for you to understand and configure for you, ( i believe this is a community to try to help your problem).


I see 2 issues here.


1. you have purchased the device without looking into what your requirement?

2. have you ever made any contact with the provider asking the question,  they support the device you going to purchase that is SPA?


the product you have purchased works of many providers what they intend to work, but if the provider not offering what you looking, that is not related to the device.


go to the VOIP provider web page look for the service you looking is supported yes or no.

also, look for what is the tested devices for their network.


I hope you make a good step forward to thinking about what you going to do now. personally we are here always to help you for the best without any intention either cisco or any other vendor so the user will get the benefit from it.






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Re: Absolute Beginner Needs Help!

I fail to see how contacting the ISP would allow me to set up the Cisco to
block unlisted calls? What has this to do with the ISP? My phone did this
over landline but no longer in VOIP, which is why I have purchased an item
that claims it can block these calls.

Which is why I want to know how to set up the device to do this.

Confusingly, you ask if I have made contact with the vendor, but I cannot do
this until I have previously purchased the device (based upon the
manufacturer's claims as to what the device can do) which then allows me to
provide the information for creating a login, which then allows me to raise
questions on the community. Cisco have absolutely no product support

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Re: Absolute Beginner Needs Help!

I may be misunderstood your requirement.


I ALWAYS thinking that you looking to Setup a VOIP with your Provider - but i was wrong.


You lookint to setup a Traditional POT Lines with SPA ataater ?  - is this correct - if yes


have you read the product document  before you purchasing this device ?



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Re: Absolute Beginner Needs Help!

Thanks for taking the time to reply, and for your patience.

I had a standard telephone line provided through a previous ISP. The line
included additional options such as call blocking which were controlled at
their end.

I have now changed to FTTP broadband which uses VOIP as standard and does
away with the telephone connection entirely. As there is no longer any
options at the ISP end, I need something to allow me the functionality I
previously enjoyed. I am getting spam calls with withheld numbers which I
want to block.

I Googled and found the Cisco SPA112-2 adaptor. The link you kindly provided

● Enables high-quality VoIP service with a comprehensive feature set
through a broadband Internet connection

● Is compatible with all industry voice and data standards and common
telephone features such as caller ID, call waiting, and voicemail

● Includes a simple-to-use web-based configuration utility for easy

● Comprehensive feature set: The standards-based Cisco SPA112 is
compatible with Internet VoIP provider features such as caller ID, call
waiting, voicemail, call forwarding, distinctive ring, and much more to
provide a complete, affordable, and highly reliable solution for
high-quality VoIP.

It then goes on to list a whole host of voice features.

My question is how do I set up the Cisco to allow me to use these advertised

As a start, I wanted to undertake hidden call blocking, after that I expect
the process to be similar for the other features, but until I get my head
around doing this one thing, contrary to what Cisco claim ‘quick deployment
and easy changes’ I am at a loss as to where to start. I would have
expected an easier interface which just lists the functions with on screen
switches, similar to a router interface, but I get pages of
software/hardware specific settings. I understand this device may be
powerful and capable of many things, particularly for business use, which
requires an IT specialist, but for a simple home user who wants basic
functionality all I want is a simple screen. In the absence of this, it
would appear I have to go through a whole stream of settings, many of which
I have no idea what they do!

Re: Absolute Beginner Needs Help!

Due to absolutely no interest from the community or Cisco, I have no choice but to scarp this useless piece of crap!

Thanks for nothing everyone!

Last time I purchase anything from Cisco.

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