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Call Manager, Unity and Remote Data Center


We are going to migrate all the servers of our Brussels branch to a remote Data Center based in London.

In the meantime we would like to implement a Cisco Call Manager v6 solution with Unity.

Are there some restrictions or best practices about having the Unity server in Brussels and the Call Manager and Exchange 2003 Cluster in the Data Center.

Also we need UMS (voicemail and fax via outlook) but that's embedded in the fully fleshed Unity I believe.

An alternative would be to keep only the voicegateway in Brussels and have the Unity, CCM6 and Exchange2K3 in London.

For an office of 200 people what would be the recommended bandwith requirement ?

It's not clear what way to choose and according to one of the vendors I contacted, Unity and Exchange has to reside on the same LAN, can somebody confirm that ?

All help is very much appreciated.

Marwan ALshawi

first of all

with unity the vocemail box will based on exchnage in ur case so better to have then coresedant in the same LAN

if u can u need callmanager to be in the same LAN as well

u can have it in a remote site but ur dial-paln will be harder in case of the WAN connection gose down

for bandwidth

u need to consider that with voicemail u gonna use g711 codec then each call will take 64k but if u configuring ur CAC through CUCM then each call need 80k with IOS GK CAC needs 128k this is with g711 codec

calles between sites over wan u can use g729 with IOS GK CAC 16k with CUCM 24K

if u use g729 between site and users wanna go to unity that use g711 codec u need hardware transcoding then u need to consider DSP resources for this reason

the same idea if u have E1/T1 link

good luck

if helpful Rate

Cheers for the explanation.

Has the Unity to be in the same LAN as the Exchange where the mailboxes are, or can we put Unity in Brussels with an Exchange Gateway only and the Exchange holding the mailboxes in London ?

better put then in the same LAN

and as i mentioned if u can CUCM as well