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Dynamically switching local CID

Our organization currently has a cloud VoIP callcenter solution instead of using our CCX deployment because they have one major feature that I can't figure out how to get in CUCM/CCX - Outbound Local Caller ID, aka the ability for the system to automatically switch your external caller mask based on the local area of the end caller, specifically so to be able to have a local callback to a specific call center queue as well.

Basically, in the hosted system, they just associate a number of "local caller IDs" to an outbound campaign, which are then tied in on the inbound queue as translating transparently. I know I would have to own a number of DIDs to match all the local CIDs we would want, but I'm not sure how we would implement them. Is there any way to make a similar action on CUCM/CCX? Even if I have to use a large number of translations to relay the inbound, that would be fine, but the outbound side I have no idea how we could make this happen.

Fictitious example of what I need: We are in the 404 area code, and cold-calling clients in the 303, 512, 640, and 221 area codes. We purchase 1 DID for each area code we want to call to, and terminate them to our SIP trunk at HQ. When we call though our outbound campaign to the client in the 303 area code, our CID would show as (303)123-4567, but if we call the 512 area code, it shows as (512)123-4567, and so on. We would then have all of these DIDs translated to our DID in the 404 area code (or TF number) that directs them to our inbound queue for callbacks.

Anyone have any idea? We need to conserve costs, and if I can't get this to work internally, the organization is looking at replacing our entire callcenter with the hosted solution so we don't have two costs.

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