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How we can chcek reason of failed calls over PGW or MGW


Dear All

We are using PGW 2200 in Signalling mode with AS5400 as MGW to terminate call over TDM/PSTN. Can anybody let me know how we can check "why attempted call failed or reason of failed call from MGW level or PGW level.

Here one thing i want to know we are not using any RADIUS server for log or billing. Please tell me how wecan chcek why & where call faield on MGW or PGW or far end operator side with reason.i chcked few document but no comnads i found to check failed reason of attempted calls..

Please help me with this info.


Amit--. .

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First of all you have to check C7 link state and CICs state

1. Enter to  PGW host with username mgcusr

2 Run mml

3 Check active platform by command rtrv-ne

4 Check  C7 link rtrv-c7lnk:all

   All C7 links must be in service: IS

5 Check  CIC rtrv-tc:carrier10ss7svc1

   All CICs must be in Idle state

If it is so then we can go to next steps.

The best way to check reason of failed calls is to use the snooper utility.

Login as root

change directory to


run utility

./snooper int bge0 ss7 itu 1-234-5 detail

Where 1-234-5  - DPC of your carrier

After that you will see a flood of ISUP messages.

In REL message you can find the reason why your call attempt was failed.

on MGW (if it is Cisco AS5xxx) you can run

debug isdn q931 command on all trunks or on selected Dchannel: debug isdn q931 interface Dchannel x/x

You will get isdn messages. In Disconnect message you can find the reason why your call attempt was failed.

Good luck!


As for troubleshooting real time failures, you have a few options:

1) PGW MDL trace

2) Snoop (unix snoop) - Open capture in Wireshark

3) Cisco Snooper (as stated by previous poster, however this is end of life product and not everyone has access to it)

One method used for failures after the fact is the PGW CDR.  Check the release CDB, CDB 1040 for reason code and release source.

CDRs are located in /opt/CiscoMGC/var/spool and can be viewed using the CDR viewer or converted to text.

Help on CDR viewer:

CDR converter:


Information you have provided is highly helpful.

Hi irrantz

can you tell me if i run .snooper comamnd on PGW due to flood of ISUp emssage PGW affcated? or switch-over happened? any down time?

Also if i save this ISUP log can i directly search my number form that logs or i need to sue any converter?




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