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Alfred Johnson

Need working example of SIP NOTIFY message received generating TCL IVR ev_notify or equivalent

I have been able to use TCL IVR application to send a SIP SUBSCRIBE to a SIP proxy on an IMS for SIP registration events and see the proxy return a 200 OK followed by a NOTIFY using debug ccsip messages.  But so far I have been unable to get my TCL IVR script to successfully receive an ev_notify event or other any other event when the Proxy sends either the initial NOTIFY or a subsequent NOTIFY in the case where the Proxy needs my SIP User agent to re-register after some change to the Proxy's configration or state, such as an account provisioning event, or expiration of the Proxy's subscription timer.  Does anyone know if such an example exists?  I have searched this forum and various internet sites but I have found nothing helpful.  The TCL IVR App Guide describes the feature for SIP Subscribe/Notify support but I have yet to find any details on how exacthis works.  If there are any specific requirements on the content of the received NOTIFY, such as its Call-ID, From:, To:, I 'd appreciate any information anyone could send me.  Please do not reply asking me if I have read the Cisco TCL IVR Programmers guide 2.0 or the Cisco TCL IVR/VXML Applications Guide docs, unless you can point me to a specific example in them.  I have read and searched them closely, but I have found none.

Alfred Johnson

I found a detailed example in the 15M & T SIP Config Guide, starting on page 213.   However, I am still looking for the TCL code that implemented it.  If anyone has access to that, please let me know where I can find it.

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