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PGW 2200 different CIC status


Dear All

I'm new in PGW 2200 g/w fields, i need help in following-

What are the different CIC status if we are talking about PGW 2200 & what is the meaning of those different state.

Also if any CIC in error state like RemAuto we can see what is the reason of such states of CICs,what we need to chcek & where. Simillar to REMAUTO there are number of state of CICs which affect signalling i want to know that with reason & how to check issue..

Please help me with above.



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Dear Amit

if you checking the state of your CICs by command rtrv-tc:carrier-ss7svc1

you can see following examples:




–NONE—There is no block on the CIC. DS0 is available for use.

–GATEWAY—Locally blocked because of a gateway event (for example, RSIP or a group service message).

–LOCAUTO—Hardware blocking type; the circuit is blocked, by an external message generated by a network element outside the media gateway.

–LOCMAN—Blocked manually by MML. This is removable by the UNBLK-CIC or the RESET-CIC command.

–LOCUNK—Locally blocked for unknown reasons. (This indicates a potential software problem. A circuit has become blocked but the software did not track the cause of the blocking.)

–REMAUTO—Remotely auto blocked.

–REMMAN—Remotely blocked manually.

Follow this link to check other commands:

Hi Amit

Below posted link will help you to identify the CIC status.  REMAUTO is Remotely Automatically blocked which means the System associated with the your partner carrier has automatically blocked the CIC / channels from making calls.

To solve this issue, try resetting your CIC and signaling link in your PGW and the Media gateways.  Also ask your partner carrier to reset the CIC and the Signaling link which will solve this issue.


Hi All

There is one more type like MATE-Unavail soemthing, what is the reason of that how we can solve.



If the PST state is OOS and the BLK = MATE_UNAVAIL then this indicates the CICs (Circuit Identification code ie logical channels in E1) are not properly insynch at both the service provider End.


• This State is due to CIC Mismatch. In such cases check the E1 connectivity and ensure the CICs are identical at both the operator end and then do the CIC reset.

Mml <>:CIC=[,RNG=]

• If Required Try Resetting the Controller E1 on MGW corresponding to the CIC Values.

mgw1#conf ter

mgw1(config)#controller e1 7/0

mgw1(config-controller)# shut

mgw1(config-controller)# noshut

mgw1(config)#interface dchannel 7/0



Pl rate if the info helps.

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