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T.37 OnRamp and OffRamp fax configuration- Problem

Hello !

I have configured CISCO 2901 call router with T.37 OnRamp and OffRamp fax configuration.

I have configured SMTP for receiving fax from call router. I am using Novell GroupWise 8 e-mail application.

I could able to receive fax from call router,

But i m not able to send fax to outside world via call router

Because while sending fax we are using outsideno@callrouterip address ( ex:  2XXXXXXX@Y.Y.Y.Y)

My Novell GroupWise giving error like unable to find e-mail address in mail box ( Error : can not deilver message to internal loop address )

Reason : Mail box not able to find address because of every time if you use No like  this 3XXXXXXX@Y.Y.Y.Y . Mail box not able to recognize and unable to forward to call router,

I try to use windows FAX service to send fax to VOIP ( call router ), that does not work.

Is there any tool or client setup we would able to use and deliver mail to call router to send fax.

Until or else their is no use for using T.37 OnRamp and OffRamp fax configuration in call router


Best Regards

Jayaraja R

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Hello Jayaraja!

I'm actually trying to achieve to make work On/Off-Ramp fax configuration on a 2901 too, with no success, could you share your conf?

Also, I wonder if you tried to connect to Mail Server with a Mail Client and send an eMail to this mail account ... to check if the mail account has correctly been configured? (send and receive mails)




fax receive called-subscriber $d$

fax interface-type fax-mail

mta send server port 25

mta send subject Fax-Mail Message

mta send with-subject both

mta send postmaster

mta send mail-from hostname

mta send mail-from username fax

mta send return-receipt-to hostname

mta send return-receipt-to username fax

mta receive aliases X.X.X.X

mta receive aliases

mta receive maximum-recipients 5



service faxmail_offramp flash:app_faxmail_offramp.


service onfax flash:app_faxmail_onramp.



  service alternate default


I hope this configuration would be sufficient ,


Best Regards

Jayaraja R

Hello !

As per configuration. We would able to receive mail from cisco call router to mail box.

But how to send mail to to send fax outside world.

As per cisco format.

We must to use the following format : Telephonenumber@callrouterIPaddress


How SMTP server will recongize and receive mail ?


best Regards

Jayaraja R

While sending fax.

This is the mail delivery agent at

I was unable to deliver your message to the following addresses:


Reason: 551 5.4.6 [internal] Private/Loopback Address

The message subject was: TEst fax

The message date was: Tue, 28 Aug 2012 11:57:59 +0200

Please do not reply to this email as it is sent from an unattended mailbox.

Please visit for more details

about this error message and instructions to resolve this issue.

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