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VoIP monitoring tools - real-world application.


We're evaluating several products for an enterprise level VoIP monitoring applications, including, but not limited to, NetScout and NetQoS.

The company is undergoing a major infrastructure upgrade and going to Cisco's UCM 7.x platform and we'd like to get something in place that will do call performance monitoring (delay and jitter and MoS scores as well as infrasctrucutre monitoring) and do it well with relatively easy to use and robust reporting tools.  Reporting is a big bonus as it would be used for tshooting as well as management reportage and capacity planning (hopefully).

Anyone using NetQoS or NetScout specifically for VoIP monitoring and reporting?  Pros and cons?  Looking for a company with a good market footprint and active development.

NetQoS seems to have a good handle on this specific need - they can do endpoint baselining and real-time monitoring as well as traceroutes.  Their reporting is pretty robust.  Comments or concerns about NetQoS?  Other tools that can do the same things, specifically?

Importantly, is anyone using something successfully to monitor Cisco UCM 7.x including cluster infrastrucutre and voice gateways?  Both products can leverage SNMP really well, so we're looking at that.

Has anyone thought of or managed to use any sort of data capture platform of this kind to also generate meaningful CDR reporting?  If so, what platform and how?

(Please, nobody just cut and paste talking points from some website - I see a lot of that happening here and there in the forums.  I have all the available data I need from vendor websites, their admin guides, their marketing materials... )


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Cisco's Unified Operations Manager and Solarwinds both do an ****ok**** job at monitoring these things. Cisco has really dropped the ball on SIP monitoring at the gateway level. They are beginning to develope SNMP MIBs for call activity monitoring but are pushing people to IOS 15.0 to see it. So.... I am not sure what you are running at the gateway level; if SIP let me know what you find.

Didn't realize Solar Winds was doing VoIP protocol monitoring - do you know how they do at SIP endpoint baselining or traceroutes?  How good are they overall at voip troubleshooting and, more importantly, reporting?


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