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CCA 3.1 not saving phone configurations

Level 1
Level 1

Im using CCA 3.1 to configure a uc560 with SPA504G and SPA 525G2 phones.

A few of the 525G2's use a sidecar for which im assigning button monitoring.

The client has asked that i change the list order. I can go through and change all the button assignments and it appears normal.

But when i make the changes and click ok to the phone config and again ok to the users and phones the changes are lost. When i reopen the users and phones and edit the buttons for the phone all the work had been reverted.

What am i missing?

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Level 3
Level 3

I have just had a lot of issues with 3.1 - I downgraded and my issues went away..  Maybe try from another PC (or downgrade to 3.0) and see what happens. 

David Trad
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi There,

Recently I did a review of 3.1 and subsequently have been working on 3.1.1, it is noted that in these reviews that this is a continuing problem, CCA still has a hit and miss situation when applying configurations, and they can be noticed in situations like when configuration Park Slots after a system has been deployed in the wild instead of in the staged environment.

There are some tell tale signs to look out for, check the memory usage of CCA in the task manager, this will be represented as "java" and on first boot it will be around 220MB, if you see this approaching the 400MB+ you can expect it to have issues or not perform functions properly, when it gets over 500MB and more closer to 650 it does some really insane stuff, and the Java errors will start to pop up frequently.... So keep an eye on how much memory it is using, if it gets to high, stop what you are doing, shut it down and then reload it, this should refresh it.

3.1.1 is still better then the previous version, but I wonder if more issues have been introduced and some of the old ones not fixed in this release have been made worse.



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