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Cisco CP-8961, Cisco CP-9951, Cisco CP-9971 Unified IP UC5x0 Support


I am building a new UC560 system and I am looking into what phones are possible to use. I have heard from my sales rep that the Cisco CP-8961, Cisco CP-9951, Cisco CP-9971 Unified IP Phones can be added "manually" into the system so the they can work; however after I have taken a look at CCA I have realized that it really does pay to use the phones Cisco supports. I have heard from my sales rep that the 8.0.5 version of the UC500 software pack will add full compatability for these phones. I was wondering if anyone has used these phones with their system and if so how they have worked. If not does anyone know about the next software pack? Is their a beta I can try? Any advice is appricated. Thanks!

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Steven DiStefano
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

This comes up all the time and is a FAQ on internal Cisco mailers.

Perhaps you account team didn't get the word that these are not currently supported.

One of our TMEs summarized best for us to understand so I will quote my friend David Harper here :

We are somewhat dependent on the CME team for this. Support in CME is planned for CME 8.5 which I believe will FCS at the end of the calendar year. For UC500 support, there are two more steps required, which is to get a software pack released with the necessary IOS, and also to get the phone types added to CCA. This process typically will take a number of months plus solution test.

In short, we do intend to support the newer phones, but the plans to do so are not yet committed, and the timeframe is likely to be the second half of CY11.

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