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Cisco IP Phone 303 - Disconnect / Logout softkey?

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Level 1

Good morning all, I am first time user here, so forgive me if I miss some board etiquette.


Ok we have 5 Cisco IP 303 phones connected the service.


What I am trying to acheive is to set button on the phone that when pressed will completely disconnect / logout the phone from the SIP network.


The idea beign so that at the end of a shift the user presses the button and the extension is completely unregistered.  Then should we suffer a disaster the user can plug a handset in at home and login again and take calls without the phone in the office causing problems due to being logged in.


Hopefully this makes sense, but please give me a shout if not





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Dan Lukes
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

There's no such feature on phone side. The phone will register of configured to do it and will not register if configured not to register.

But something like it is possible - use provisioning to implement the feature.

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