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CUE - Hang Ups / Bad Audio


I have an odd CUE issue.

When calling the auto attendant from a cell phone and pressing * for VM access, most of the time it transfers (makes ringing noise), then hangs up.

This works fine on "land lines".

Occasionally you get through... but when you do you only get the first couple words, then it goes garbled, and then silent.

This is on a UC560 using SIP for PSTN.

A SIP capture of both call scenarios look the same except for the UC sending a "BYE" on the cell calls that it hangs up on.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Any tips for troubleshooting?

For the record, this isn't a single cell phone -- it is everyone.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

could you attatch the sip capture file in the failed case? if you dont want to post it you can send me at

I have Cisco SR # 623350861 open -- Packet captures are attached to the case.

Interestingly, the engineer I am working with has concluded that it is that some cell phones send long DTMF's... so when you press * in the auto attendant, it transfers to the VM, but is still transmitting *, which is apparently the DTMF for "exit" in the voicemail login prompt.

They do not have a workaround for me yet.

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