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Enable Record Function

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Trying to program my phone while on a call for recording the phone call.

How might I go about doing this. Tried below but this is not working.

I need the phone to basically dial *1 to start recording the call, but when I press this option its asking for more digits like it wants to dial an extension.

<Connected_Key_List group="Phone/Programmable_Softkeys">hold|1;endcall|2;conf|3;xfer|4;bxfer|5;confLx;xferLx;park|6;flash|7;PSK1|8</Connected_Key_List>

<PSK_1 group="Phone/Programmable_Softkeys">fnc=blf+sd;usr=*1@$PROXY;vid=154;nme=REC</PSK_1>

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Hello Kevin,

Thank you so much for your post. My name is Tiya and I am one of the Support Engineers with the Cisco Small Business Support Center.

It seems that you wish to have your SPA525G(?) to allow calls to be recorded. I also have gathered that you have provisioned your SPA525G(?) to initiate call recording when the "*1" is pressed.

At this time the SPA525G feature set is non-inclusive of an option(s) that will allow calls to be recorded to the IP Phone itself.

To do this, additional hardware or software application(s) would be required; i.e. internal or hosted-PBX system, Media Server, Network Attached Storage, call management software/system, etc. The Cisco Unified Communications (UC540/UC560) with CME (Communications Manager Express) is one example that would accomplish this.

In response to the results when entering the star code "*1"; I have for you a link to the Admin Guide detailing star codes: SPA525G Admin Guide: Star Codes, beginning on pg 88.

Feel free to reach out us at the Cisco Small Business Support Center; 1-866-606-1866, for further assistance.

Although I appriciate a response to my question. You answered it wrong.

I have gone though your admin guide. I do not expect the IP phone itself to be the one to record calls.

We have a PBX that does allow for recorded calls by pressing *1 I am trying to make a button (again as I have stated)

to enable this feature. Can you or someone just please read my question again and help me out.


Thank you Kevin for the clarification.

I am sorry the admin guide detailing start code configuration did not assist you.

Please contact the Cisco Small Business Support center: 1-866-606-1866 to open a Service Request so that we can better assist you.

If you like, please post the SR# or feel free to send to me in Private message; and I will reach out to you or have one of our VoIP specialists also take a look at the SR and we can team up to discuss the dial plan configuration to reach your intended goal.

Thank you!!

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I thought this was the intended place to ask questions? Can you just please ask someone or get the correct answer, so that anyone else having the same question will see the correct answer?