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Extension mobility (and other) question

Level 5
Level 5


We have 2 different projects with UC500 8.1 & CUCMExpress 8.6 for 2 different customers.

For both the end customers want to deploy Extension Mobility for all the users / phones.

Questions :

1 - Is there known pbs to deploy full telephony with extension mobility on cucme ?

It concerns in both cases 80/100 phones.

2 - We're doing tests and the following pb appear :

- Log in (in a 7945 or 7965) via Services > Extension Mobility > ...

- The profile logs well BUT the Login screen still appears on the phone with the following message :

"Extension Mobility

Logging in..."

There are 2 buttons update & Exit.

You have to click on "exit" multiple times to clean the screen.

Is it a known bug ? I haven't found anything related to this.

The pb never appeared on a 7960.

3 - Is there a way to make the phone remember the last User ID ?

The "sms" style is hated by all our customers and we can't choose an alphanumeric userid or pin...

So if we just change the last part of the UserID it may be better.

4 - B-ACD :

Can we use it as the only entry point of the entire company.

Is there any pb known for this config. We've already used it but not as the only way to access the company.

5 - Smart Toolbar :

Will there be any support for this on a CUCME as it is simple to use and free ?

Thanks for your help.


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