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How to check UC560 FXO Port Not Problem Question


Dear All,

We are newbie on Cisco UC560.

Our customer use Cisco UC560, ESW-520-24P and Cisco SPA 502G and 508G for their branch office replace old traditional PBX. Cisco UC560 have built-in VIC2-4FXO and VIC2-4FXS.

Our customer PSTN line connected to UC560 FXO port (1 line PSTN).

We receive report from our customer that they cannot make a call to PSTN and receive call from PSTN that connected to UC560 FXO port (on physical FXO port LED Green turn on).  When the problem happen our customer has restart UC560 or shutdown FXO port from CLI.

We have do some test to our customer UC560.

- Moving PSTN line to another FXO port (example: port from 0/1/0 to 0/1/1). The result is same (cannot make call to PSTN and receive call from PSTN)

Today, We have checked on our customer UC560 via show voice port summary and found that port0/1/2 and 0/1/3 OPER status is up wihout cable connected to this port.

Our question:

- What command on UC560 to make sure FXO port on UC560 doesn't have problem?

We attach:

show tech-support voice

show tech-support

We hope you can give us information about this.

Thanks For Your Attention

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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

Search for "disconnect supervision" here or on You need to configure that.

Dear All,

Thanks for information that you give to us. we will try to search disconnect supervision.

Thanks For Your Attention

Hi There,

If you cannot find the Indonesian "Disconnect Supervision" you may get away with using Singapores "Disconnect Supervision" as your carrier networks are similar to each other


David Trad.

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