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iGoogle/Gmail Gadget for UC500 or Unity Connection

Darryl Tyson
Level 1
Level 1

Lacking any ability to see/play/delete/save my UC500 voicemails in Gmail, I've created a google gadget for the side of Gmail so it is now possible to view my email and voicemail on the same page, this can also be added to an iGoogle homepage.

Only tested on my own UC500 so would be interested in knowning if this works for anyone else, bugs etc..   It requires the UC500 to allow external connections via IMAP to the Voicemail module. (nat port 143 to the voicemail module and open the port in the firewall)

You can also add it to your iGoogle Page
Click here to add

To setup in Gmail and for more information:

Also works with Cisco Unity Connection (I've tested version 7).


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Muhammad Raza
Level 3
Level 3

excellent, thanks for sharing that kind of helpful information.



Level 3
Level 3

It looks like that link isn't working anymore, is this gadget still working?

Yes this is still working, the web server failed to start on reboot (Amazon forced?), issue resolved.

Great. It works with ver 8 unity connection.

Level 4
Level 4

OK I tired this looks like it works on Unity Connect 8.5   Not quite a complete solution.  The media player does not always play the message all the way thru, sometimes it wont play the entire messate.  I want to know in what method is the password encrypted or stored.  I think it has potential but not quite ready for Enterprise

The password is stored using the Google API for application settings.  So it is stored under your google username/password.  I am not sure how Google encrypt their settings but am sure it will be a robust solution.

Level 1
Level 1

Do you still have this app, and will it allow voicemails that have been read in Gmail to somehow send a notification back to Unity connection to shut off MWI's?

Sure, if you wish you can reach out to me directly

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