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Incoming Dial Plan causing a long delay.


Good Morning All,

After bashing my head around this for some time, I finally narrowed down my problem.  When our CISCO UC560 was installed, the installer configured an Auto-attendant per the company's request.  During the day time hours, it's suppose to ring directly to our receptionist, and at night, to our AA.

The Dial Plan looks like:

200-200 -> 398-398.  398 being the AA.

The AA has a "blank.wav" that's 1 second long for open hours and then the normal recording for night time.  Night time works great.  Dial by name, extension, etc.  During the day, however, when you dial 200, you get a 10-15 second pause before it routes to 200.  If I remove 398 from the dial plan, goes right through.  (200-200 -> 200-200).  If you dial 398 during the day, you get the same pause.  

Question is 2 fold.  1.  Any idea how to make it 'time out' faster?  2.  Wouldn't a Night Service work better?  2a.  Just so I remember how Night Service works, you press your *### from the phone you want to put into Night, and forward it to the AA (398 in my case)?  I've admin'd CISCO before, but this is the first time I had to monkey with a config after it was "operational".  Thanks!

- Ray

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