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Long shot : SPA-3102 Firmware !

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I've tried all the usual routes and I suppose this is my last resort!

Back around 2010 I used a LinkSys/Cisco SPA-3102 in my business, time passed and it wasn't needed any more. Step forward to 2024 and in the UK, BT (national telecoms provider), are phasing out all fixed land lines and switching the numbers to a bespoke BT VIOP service, which requires a specific BT router. As a result I want to move my land line number to a generic VOIP provider so I signed up with one for a small test. I dug out the old 3102, set it up and plugged my internal phone wiring into the FXS port - works like a charm, all extensions crystal clear etc.

Problem is the 3102 is on 3.x firmware - right thought I, I'll download the latest, I know the product is old but I'll get whatever the last version was. How wrong could I be, seems once Cisco EOS a product they obliterate any reference to it. I know it's out of support, I don't want support I'd just like to download the last firmware then I'll be on my way.

Is there any way at all to access firmware for the SPA-3102 or am I going to have to bin a device that I own, which works perfectly in my scenario.

Any ideas greatly appreciated !


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Hello @Ernie85 ,

since the SPA-3102 is EOS for quite some time now, I'm almost sure you will not find an updated firmware on You might have a chance finding it on Any other source for downloading an updated firmware I don't recommend. I think you are better off with the one running on the box.

Regards, LG
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