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PAP2T - please explain flashing lights

Level 1
Level 1


After moving the adapter from one room to another, it stopped working. Lights are flashing in an unknown to me way (See video:

Can anyone explain the meaning of this?

Everything else working as it used to (modem, router, wifi, I tested ATA's power adapter, tried different cables). The router sees (ethernet light goes green for the specific connector) it only for 2-3 seconds whenether the Internet light goes on, then it turns off. I can see an IP of a connected device (in the web interface of the router) but it doesn't describe it, pinging it - Request timed out.

Please help, the device had been working for years non stop w/o any issue!

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Level 1
Level 1

PAP2 Indicator Lights

LED Action Condition
Ethernet Off No Ethernet port connectivity
Ethernet On Ethernet port connectivity
Ethernet Blinking Ethernet port activity
Phone 1-2 Off Phone is not provisioned or registered
Phone 1-2 Fast Blinking Blinks when the phone is in use or an incoming call is detected
Phone 1-2 On Registered/Provisioned
Power Off No power to device
Power (Blue) Fast Blinking Booting Up
Power (Blue) Slow Blinking (blink blink pause) Upgrading Firmware
Power (Blue) On Completed bootup and running Firmware
Power (Red) On Problem with device (disconnect the power, wait 5 seconds, reconnect the power)