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SNR and french locale

Robin Lamarre

Hi all,

It seems like we are having a problem with french localization for the UC560 and SNR for the 7945 phones. A phone provisioned in English with SNR enabled has no problem, all is well. If you change the user-locale to French on the same phone, SNR still is enabled and the call flow is the same, but the "mobility" softkey does not work anymore, you can press the softkey all you want, nothing happens anymore, see picture attached to see how much nothing is happening in French;-).

Anybody knows of a workaround to make the mobility softkey work in French for the 7945 ?



user-locale FR load CME-locale-fr_FR-French-

load 7945 SCCP45.8-5-4S



ephone 19

device-security-mode none

mac-address E840.400C.D286

ephone-template 16

username "**********" password *******

paging-dn 1

type 7945

button 1:580



ephone-dn 580 dual-line

number 7330 no-reg primary

label 7330

description Claire Laplace

name Claire Laplace


snr ********** delay 5 timeout 30 cfwd-noan 4000

call-forward busy 4000

call-forward noan 4000 timeout 20

corlist incoming user-national

translation-profile incoming CallBlocking


ephone-template 16

url services 1 VoiceviewExpress

softkeys remote-in-use Newcall

softkeys idle Redial Newcall Mobility Cfwdall Pickup Gpickup Dnd Login

softkeys seized Cfwdall Endcall Redial Pickup Meetme Gpickup Callback

softkeys connected Hold Endcall Mobility Trnsfer TrnsfVM LiveRcd Confrn ConfList RmLstC Acct Park Select Join

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Robin Lamarre

CASE 618381203 open,

problem replicated with latest  SCCP45.9-2-1S, no change.

to be continued....

Solution was found while fiddling around... a while back, I removed the User-defined locale of CCA to avoid 7925/7921 issues in French. When using the user-defined locale, we had menus showing blank options, making it impossible to transfer a call for example, the device rejecting the font for some reason. When we were using a non user-define local, the 7925/21 had no more issues. But now I know that mobility softkey will not work for some other device type.... Looks like Ephone-templates will need to be used for specific types of phone to workaround both problems, User-define local for 7945/41/65 and not for the 7925/21 Mobility key not working 7945/65/41 User-locale FR load CME--locale-fr_FR-French- Mobility key working on 7945/65/41 user-locale U4 load CME-locale-fr_FR-French- The case I opened started well, but became a huge waste of time after it was escalated.let’s just say I had to repeat myself multiple times. I was told it was definitely an IOS issue when in fact I believe no attempt to replicate the issue was made until weeks passed by, the case was closed without confirmation the problem was actualy gone with ios upgrade and I had to re-open it. To be kind, let’s say the case could have been handled in a better way. Looks like the forum is the best place(if not only place) to get answers. Hope this helps someone else

Had the same problem with user defined portuguese locale, SNR and 7925.

Good sugestion. It solved my problem.


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