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Software pack upgrade

Level 1
Level 1

I have the following version of IOS,CME,CUE on my UC-520


CME 4.2(0)

CUE 3.0.3

I would like to upgrade to the newest version of Software pack 8.0.2  CCA 2.2 is installed

can I do this direct upgrade from such lower version to the latest one using CCA?

or do I need to the upgrade to the next immediate version and then to the latest version?

also Please suggest me with the proper upgrading procedure.


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David Hornstein
Level 7
Level 7

Hi techmandy,

Will the upgrade go smoothly, i hope so.

I have had one or two problems with upgrades over the years, but I have upgraded as a release comes out. I did have a problem with a access list and zone based firewall,  but that was easy to find. CCA 2.2.4 is a lot more sophisticated  compared to earlier releases.

I have seen posting such as "Cue does not work after 3.2 => 7.0.3 upgrade"  where the upgrade was not successful.

Was your configuration produced via 'out of band'  CLI configuration, or was the configuration produced by Cisco Configuration Assistant ?  Don't know, to many variables to guess if it will work for you.

To play it safer;

  • check CCA release notes to check caveats.

  • If you have any customised Music on hold files or customized phone background  images or customized list.xml files, back them up as well so they can be restored after the software upgrade.

  • You will have to take a option during the upgrade  to tick an option for  a disk cleanup , which will delete the contents of the flash card  and restore  newer support files. The startup configuration or script for the system is stored not in flash but in Non volatile battery back up RAM, so your running config will be saved.

  • But just to play it safe, i personally would backup via  tftp of both the CME and CUE configurations to my TFTP server, so if i had to back out I could.

  • I would hope that you had a "Smartnet" maintenance  agreement on your UC520, in case you do needed expert Cisco TAC support.  You may even like to open a pre-emptive&nbs