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spa122 firmware recovery problem

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Level 1

just purchased the spa122, connect the laptop to the unit and access, it shows the login, after login, the first thing it asks for is Recovery Firmware v1.0.2 (001), not sure why, went to download the latest version v.1.3.2-XU, start upgrade, if seems completed, but power light keep flashing and waited over 15 minutes and no response.  Reset the unit and access via the I92.168.15.1, login and it asked for firmware recovery again.

Did it several times, keep asking for firmware recovery.  Anyone knows why?  this is a new unit, just out of the box.


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Try a factory reset and upgrade the firmware using a previously version like


Hi Daniele,

Tried that a few times, no luck.  Thanks.

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Level 1

Hello Dennis,

     Have you been able to access the device GUI at all?


Hi Madison,

No, I am not able to access the GUI, when I access, it asks for login, I use admin and admin, get it and then it shows Firmware Recovery v1.0.2 (001), I downloaded the latest version and go through the upgrade, and reset and it still comes back to the same screen.

I did try different version for firmware it all end up the same.  I cannot even see the GUI at all.

I contacted support, they said it is a defective unit, and asked me to return to supplier, I just want to make sure this is the case before sending the unit back.

But after trying a few times, I think the tech is right, I am convinced that this is a bad unit.