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SPA303 + Elastix


I've bought 10+ SPA303 handsets to setup with Elastix and FreePBX.

I've logged in the "Unembedded freePBX " side of  elastix, added the devices via endpoint configurator and have created a  global template that the SPA303 handsets collect their information  from.  The templates I used are stadard all bar a few changes like  adding NTP servers, enabling DHCP and adding some text across the front  of the handsets lcd screen.

I believe the template enable editing of:



I've added my tunks from my provider, I've added inbound and outbound routes but all i ever get is

"All circuits are busy now please try your call again later".

I've clearly done something wrong and I'm pretty sure its to do with some settings in the outbound routes under the heading:   

Dial Patterns that will use this Route Settings

"(prepend) + prefix |[match pattern] / callerid "

Currently  I dont have anything in them, as to be honest I dont understand the  whole "(prepend) + prefix |[match pattern] / callerid " part, what goes  in there?

Also I noticed a similar dial plan option under the trunk section, under the following header:

Dialed Number Manipulation Rules

(prepend) + prefix | match pattern

outbound 9

Again anyone know what goes in there too?

I had a google and I believe I may have to create plans for the UK ie. mobiles and landlines; but I just cant work out how its done?

I've asked the same post under elastix forum, but I just thought id run it by here too in case some can highlight anything else that I need to configure on my phones to have them work properly with elastix or freepbx.


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