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Good morning,
When I try to provision a new dictionary in my cisco spa504g'm not able.
Configure the following,

Regional --> Dictionary Server Script:

but when you restart the phone it does not change the language.
Can anyone help?

My firmware version is 7.4.8a


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Hi Julio,

First thing is that when you use any other language than English you still always have to provide the phone with the original English dictionary XML and you should reflect it in the dictionary server script.

In your code the problem is that you try to load the Spanish file for the first, English language. So the corrected script would look like this:


Second thing is that you are using FW v7.4.8 and your XMl files are for FW v7.4.5 which may work but surely you'll experience untranslated strings.

FW and XML versions should always match.

Hope this helps, please let me know how it goes and wheather you need further help.

Thanks and regards,



I change the script line, but don´t work.

Where can i find V7.4.8 translate files


Good day Zsolt Benko.

I have a CISCO 504G with the last firmware (7.5.3). I know two ways to provisioned this phone, manually and via TFTP, but now I want to load the spanish language.

In your Julio's answer, you told about "always have to provide the phone with the original English dictionary XML and you should reflect it in the dictionary server script." but I dont know how to make it.

Only with TFTP provision can i do this, right?? or could I do it with a manually provision?

Please help me.

I did download the language files on this page

Do you have an example to the load code off Language Dictionary ?

Thank you.

Hi everybody.

Please, only give me the first step... and I will go on with the next work...

I appreciate your help.

Eric Alarcón.

Hi everybody.

Finally I could change the menu language in my laboratory. I had an error in mi server script, the correct format is put all the line:


Good Day.

Dear Zsolt Benko,

I have a question. You wirtten that "FW and XML versions should always match". Now I have spa504g firmware 7.5.5 but in

this page

there are dictionaries updated to 7.4.9 version. Can I use them with fm 7.5.5 without trouble?

Thank you in advance.

Just download dictionaries for 7.5.5 on official Cisco's support site. It's lmost the same place as firmware itself.

If you will use 7.4.9 dictionaries on 7.5.5 firmware then some items will remain untranslated.

Please forgive me! I am stupid, but I am not able to find the official dicitionaries for 7.5.5 firmware.

This site it's too complex.

Could you be so kind and provide me the link please?

thank youuuu!!!

Glad to hear. Rate usefull advices ;-)