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SPA525G blue tooth pairing issue with Plantronics Voyager Pro


I am having issues pairing my headset with the SPA525.

Software Version: 7.4.9c

Bluetooth version: 0.00.34

The headert was working.  After doing a factory reset of the pone to resolve other issues, I can no longer paid theheadset.  I had a similar problem the last time I did a factory reset.  Later time I got an invalid pin error.  This time I get pairing failed.

I don't think I did anything different to get it to work the first time.  It finally just started working.

I have tried from the phone, and also from the web interface.  The web interface usually just presents an empty page (no error) after I enter my pin.  Sometimes it display the pairing failed error.

I have tried this 100 times from the base station and from the web interface.  I updated firmware.  Disabled all other devices.  Etc.

When scanning, it does fine the device correctly.  Whe It was working, it worked good.  Just some kind of pairing issue.

Is there a solution?  After spending amost $500 to purchase the phone and headset, I am very upset.

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We are using the SP525G / SPA525G2 phones with firmware 7.4.6 ( after this firmware the use of Bluetooth and video monitoring is no longer supported ).

I have found that when the Bluetooth gets problematic that turning Bluetooth on / off helps.  When that does not work, unplugging the phone and then powering it back on that way works.

We have not found any issues running the 7.4.6 firmware, so perhaps downgrading to that may help?  I would highly suggest performing a factory reset after downgrading just to be sure nothing from the previous configuration remains present.

What does this mean?

( after this firmware the use of Bluetooth and video monitoring is no longer supported ).

I purchased this headset after checking compatibility on the cisco site.

What is going on???

After firmware version 7.4.6 you are not able to use bluetooth AND video monitoring at the same time.  You have to turn off the bluetooth service in order to use the video monitoring feature on the phone.

We use the same headset for all the users who require it and have found that 7.4.6 with the 0.34 bluetooth works quite well.  We have only run into issues with the number of bluetooth devices the phone picks up.  We have so many that it sometimes can't list the headset when searching as it goes beyond the amount the list on the phone can show.

I should clarify...  Once the phone and headset are paired, there is no issues after that.

Are you a cisco employee?

What is it going to break to go backwards from 7.4.9c to 7.4.6?

I am nervous about doing this becuase of other issues I have with this phone.

No, I do not work for Cisco.

I have upgraded to 7.4.9 and then downgraded back to 7.4.6.   I would HIGHLY suggest factory resetting the phone after performing the firmware downgrade.  This can help to minimize stored configuration conflicts.

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