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SPA525G SCCP mode ... download wallpaper from TFTP not possible?

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ok ...

when an SPA525G is operated in SIP mode, a lot of cool features such as downloading wallpapers from an TFTP server are available.


when running the phone in SCCP mode, those features are missing.

y's that and is there a workaround?



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Patrick Born
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Tom,

A firmware update is available:

SPCP is different to SIP. A phone is an SPCP environment is not as configurable as a SIP phone is. It's not a limitation of the the phone, it's the way SPCP is. A SPA525G in SPCP mode will never be as configurable as on in SIP-mode and there are no plans to make them so.

As a work-around, you can change a SPCP-mode SPA525G's wallpaper from a USB stick as follows:

1. USB stick into phone

2. Setup button

3. User Preferences

4. Screen Preferences

5. Wallpaper > [select image from USB stick]

6. Save

7. Setup button to exit

I know it's not a downloadable image like you requested, but that's the best I can offer.




Any particular image size, format, etc. that we should be aware. Does it need to be in specific folder on the stick?

Does the USB stick have to be a specific format? I've tried the steps above as well as the additional documentation throughout this portal, but the phone will not read images off of several USB sticks I have tried.



just follow this guide:

make sure the pics are in your USB stick's /pictures folder. the phone won't scan the root or any other folder.


Followed that - still can't get pictures on the phone. It is as if the pictures don't exist on the USB key. Tried FAT, NTFS, differnet size JPGs, 24-bit, 32-bit still nothing. Tried on multiple 525Gs so that is not the issue...

hm. that's weird.

I had our "administrative assistants" (LOL) manually roll out the image yesterday on 30 SPA525Gs, no problems so far. its a JPG with 320x240 and 24bit color depth. FW is 7.3.5

FAT seems to work fine for us here.

at least the wallpaper persists a reboot or a power loss, so you don't have to roll out the wallpaper every time the phone gets plugged out.

Maybe those "admins" need some side work. I got to roll 60 in the next couple days...

I have tested it several times just now in the lab and it works perfectly by following the guide. I did a search on the net for a 320 x 240 jpg file (used images to narrow my search). I saved the image and edited it with windows MSPAINT. Once I had the right pic in it, I saved it to my brand new flash drive under the folder "Pictures" and plugged in the usb key to the phone. I selected the options key, then 4 for user preferences, and 2 for background settings. I then scrolled to the bottom and pushed the check mark button with background image highlited. I found my image and selected save.

Hope this helps.


Bill - are you using 7-3-5 firmware? Just want to make sure this is something odd with me not a change with the firmware.

Whatever, I have a work around and another head scratcher related to the UC platform



thank you very much for your feedback. I'm already running 7.3.5 though.

I would fully understand if there were VOICE related features missing when running in SPCP mode. this is not the case here. it's just a wallpaper. its a simple TFTP download. this has nothing to do with the actual layer 4 protocol used for voice communications sessions.

seems to me as if Cisco was purposefully trying to trick people to buy more expensive phones than they actually would need to :(

if you run an SPA525G with an open source com server like Asterisk, you get TFTP wallpaper download, if you buy an UC520 for way north of 1k $ you actually get your phone's web GUI crippled? sounds pretty strange to me.

I concur - it's not even easy uploading from a USB key

Somebody is having a good laugh - sure not me.

Hi finalconnect,

I'm sorry to read that you're having a tough time with this. I appreciate you letting us know though.

I have submitted a feature request to the phone's product management team requesting the equivalent of for the SPA525G in a future release of firmware.

WRT to the problems you're experiencing. Please make sure that you have a \pictures directory [case is sensitive]

Make sure that the photos are not huge. The phone will load them, but takes a long time due to the size and that it resizes them to fit.

When you get to Wallpaper, press the > on the navi-button *once* and wait, depending on the number and size of images, can take up to 60 seconds to display photos from USB stick.

Here's a sample image [sunrise in Texas] that I have on my SPA525G phone running in SPCP mode:




TFTP downloads for background are possible with other SCCP phones, such as the 797X, 7965 and 7945.  You do not configure this, but the user selects it from a directory.

While I don't have confirmation that the SPA525 will be able to do this in the future, it seems very likely to happen.

Anyone know a way to delete the existing images off the phone so only the uploaded image is available?

ONE NOTE: I have found that any picture less than 350 x 260 is not read by the phone. It appears the image has to be larger than the 350 x 260 for the phone to read the image off the USB stick. I did not figure out the exact size, but the iamges I tried at 330x250 plus minus a couple did NOT upload. It did not upload to the phone until I created a 400 x 300 image. Another go figure

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