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SPA9000 and SPA8000



I have built PABX system using SPA9000, SPA400 (for voice mail and for FXO) and 8 SPA941(IP Phone). Its working beautifully.

I am now trying to extend internal extensions using existing analog phones so i ordered SPA8000. I could not find any guide on how to configure this, please help me. I found guide to setup analog only options.

Thanks in advance.

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Alberto Montilla
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Dear Bijay;

SPA8000 is supported under SPA9000 for the Analog only deployment, not mixed with IP phones. There are some known interop issues (e.g. no ringback tone). Having said that, all you need to do to have basic interop (again, this is not supported but works with some issues) is to configure the extensions on each of the SPA8000 ports.

Ext 1

Proxy: SP9000 IP Address:6060

user ID: Extension 1 number (e.g. 200)

Repeat the same for all extensions on SPA8000

Caveats: No voicemail on the SPA8000 FXS ports, additional issues with ringback tone, especially with calls coming from PSTN.


Dear Alberto!

I have a similar scheme, but instead of SPA8000 I want to use SPA8800. I want to connect the PSTN lines and analog phones through SPA8800; and 4 IP
phones directly to SPA9000. SPA9000 will be connected to VoIP provider (actually, asterisk).
Will this scheme work?

It may work with the caveats indicated above, with the following additional issues:

  • Each SPA8800 port represent a VoIP line, so 4. Then you have additional SIP trunks for the ITSP, or e.g. to SPA400 Voicemail. However, there are only 4 SIP trunks available on SPA9000, so you need to make your choice (e.g. 1 SIP ITSP + 3 PSTN lines).


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