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SPA901 discontinued?


I heard that the basic wall monted VoIp phone SPA901 will be discontinued.

Using it for door phone systems, with the huge drawback  that it is not POE. I wanted to know if a new product would be avalable soon and if it will be POE. (creating a power plug cost more than the phone it self)

In the new SPA5xx serie no model looks to replace the SPA901 :-(


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David Harper
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

It is true that we have announced the end of life for the SPA901 phone, and that availability of these phones will cease later this year.  See the announcement for more details as to exact dates:

The recommended replacement at this time is the SPA501, which is a POE phone and offers all the same functionality and more than the SPA901.  I do understand though that it is not the same form factor and so is less desirable for certain applications.  I can't really comment on plans for future phones, but suffice to say that we are aware that there is a requirement for the SPA901 style of form factor.

Regarding the absence of POE on the SPA901, that was a conscious choice made to keep the cost of the phone down.  When there is no power outlet nearby that can be used for the phone, you can use it with a POE switch if you add a POES5 splitter into the mix (see for more details).  The POES5 is fairly inexpensive - much less so than the typical cost of running in a new power outlet - and can be easily concealed in the wall mount bracket for the SPA901.

Hope that helps a bit.



Dear Sir;

SPA901 will continue be available from Cisco until October, so you can continue purchasing it. FYI, you can enable POE by adding the POES5 POE adapter to it, that fits well on the MB100 wall mounting kit.

Please note that we will be coming out with a replacement phone for the SPA901 soon. I cannot comment yet on the models and availability, just wanted to ask you to stay with SPA901 since we are going to have a replacement model soon.


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