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SPA941 issues when used with Road Runner Extreme (Time Warner) 30mb/s down, 5 mb/s up.


I use a SPA941 phone in my home office.

Until recently, my Internet bandwidth was through Time Warner Road Runner Turbo.  It generally worked well, but when I happened to be sending a large email or uploading a large file while on the phone, my voice would break up due to the upload bandwidth limitation. 

Because of this, I upgraded to Road Runner Extreme (30mb/s download, 5mb/s upload). Now, although tests show that I have good bandwidth and latency, the mute button flashes red at various times througout the day, and at seemingly random times when I'm on the phone, the other party's voice will start to break up and/or cease completely, as though I have a download bandwidth problem... but a quick check shows that not to be the case.

I've spent hours (literally) on the phone with Time Warner 3rd level tech support, and they say everything is fine... and the issue must be with the phone.

I'm using a Ubee DOCSIS 3.0 WLCM combination modem/router

Connected to the SPA941 via cat5 10/100 Ethernet.

Has anyone encountered this problem?

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Are there any settings on the phone that can be adjusted to help in this situation?



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi David,

After reviewing your post I see one important piece of information

"the mute button flashes red at various times througout the day"

Mute button flashing means the ethernet link went down.  That would be between the phone and the device the ethernet cable is connected to.  The SPA941 is 10mb half duplex device (no pc connection so it didn't need higher capacity).

It could be an auto negotiation issue with the network device.  Try forcing the link to 10mb half duplex or daisy chain a 3rd party switch/hub and see if the problem goes away.

One more possibility is IP address DHCP lease renews itself causing the link to go down and up.  You can also try setting static IP address with dns & gateway, etc..  into the SPA941.


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