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SPC running on linux

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I am able to properly use the SPC tool in windows though when I try to run the tool in unbuntu 9.04 it fails. thechet@thechet-desktop:~/Desktop/SPA525$ sh ./spa525g-sip-7-2-3-spc-linux-i386.bin spc --sample-profile config.xml ./spa525g-sip-7-2-3-spc-linux-i386.bin: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected thechet@thechet-desktop:~/Desktop/SPA525$ Does anyone have the correct syntax to invoke this tool for linux?

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Patrick Born
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi thechet69,

It works for me on Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope.

Here's what I did:

patrick@tokoloshe-blade:~/Downloads/spa525g_SPC$ chmod 544 spa525g-sip-7-2-3-spc-linux-i386.bin
patrick@tokoloshe-blade:~/Downloads/spa525g_SPC$ ./spa525g-sip-7-2-3-spc-linux-i386.bin
  Sipura Profile Compiler -- SPA525G-SIP Revision 7.2.3
  Copyright (c) 2006 Cisco-Linksys.  All rights reserved.

  usage 1: spc [opt_args] source_text_file target_binary_file
  usage 2: spc --sample-profile output_filename
  usage 3: spc --sample-xml [--va] output_filename
  usage 4: spc --sample-xml-compact [--va] output_filename
  usage 5: spc --xml-schema output_filename

    --cmd-file file_name            Reads additional arguments from file

    --target hex_string             12 hex-digits MAC Address of target

    --scramble ascii_string         Plain ASCII obfuscation string

    --rc4                           Alleged RC4 256 Stream Cipher
    --aes                           AES Block Cipher (CBC mode)

    --ascii-key  ascii_string       Plain ASCII encryption password
    --hex-key  hex_string           Binary encryption key

    --quiet                         Do not print status messages
    --log file_name                 Log status messages to file

  spc profile syntax:  parName [ '!' | '?' ] [ "parValue" ] ';'

patrick@tokoloshe-blade:~/Downloads/spa525g_SPC$ ./spa525g-sip-7-2-3-spc-linux-i386.bin --sample-xml spa525G_template.xml
  spc: generated SPA525G-SIP sample configuration spa525G_template.xml
patrick@tokoloshe-blade:~/Downloads/spa525g_SPC$ ./spa525g-sip-7-2-3-spc-linux-i386.bin --sample-profile spa525G_profile.txt
  spc: generated SPA525G-SIP sample configuration spa525G_profile.txt

I've attached the generated files for  you.




Thanks.  The chmod was what I needed.  Can I download a config from a phone using SPC?  I see the --target argument though have been unsuccessful on download the config from a phone using the mac.

Hi thechet69,

You can do the following to extract the config from a phone:




Where can I download this utility /- /spa525g-sip-7-2-3-spc-linux-i386.bin

Are there different file for each model? 

Thank you.

Hi Jonathan,

There is a different SPC utility file for each version of firmware and for each of SPA3xx/50x, SPA51x, and SPA525.

SPC are available from.

I suggest you use 7.4.9 instead of the older 7.2.3 firmware that you're looking for.

Check out reference document the locate firmware, SPC, and other phone related application notes.




Great. Thank you.  Is this the tool use to encrypt the config files as well?

Yes, run the command without any options and it will display help.

Read more about the SPC tool in the Provisioning Guide.




Do have instructions for MAC OS X 10.7.5. I know how to do it with windows. Our company went all MAC now so I am on a learning curve. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.