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UC320W how many inbound routes?

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I had someone ask me how many DID's they could have (they're using a UC320 with a Broadvox SIP trunk, no FXO ports are being used).  I have no idea how many inbound routes are supported on the UC320W.  Any ideas?

Edit to add a follow-up:  In looking around, I don't see a way to modify the outgoing CID based on the dialing extension, so maybe this is all moot.  If they have to send the same CID no matter which extension is used, then their clients using the CID to call-back would be frustrated.  Am I missing something?

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Hi John,

The number of DID  depend on how many DID numbers you get from your SIP service provider

In UC320 we cannot Modify the outgoing caller id based on the dialing extension.The sip account id will be the outgoing caller id.



That seems to contradict what Wendy said in this thread (which I found after posting my question):

She said:

"The calling line ID is either the Account ID by default or the number you specified in the Inbound Calls page. If a new inbound call route is added with a different number than the default Account ID number, and the check box of "Use xxxxxxxxxx as Calling Line ID" is enabled, the number xxxxxxxxxx will be displayed as calling line ID when the route target makes any outbound call."

So I take that to mean that if I assign an incoming # to an extension, then if that extension makes a call, it will send the # I used for the incoming route.  Is that incorrect?

Hi John,

Yes, what wendy says is true.However while adding new inbound call route make sure you enter exact phone number as specified by your service provider, for example 19725550123. any spaces or symbols with phone number is not acceptable to configure.