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UC500 behind sonicwall

Jeremy Lizzotte

                   Hello guys, i know i have seen numerous documents and FAQs for SA520s, but i need to look for help in setting up a UC500/300 behind a sonicwall tz210.  im a cisco guy not a sonicwall guy and i know the sa talks about static routes and all.  Thanks for the help.

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David Trad
Rising star
Rising star

Hi Jermeny,

It would be very much helpful if you can tell us what you are trying to achieve, I.E even a network diagram would go a long way

Will there be SIP trunking taking place?

Will the UC-500 be doing the routing or will you have the Sonic do it?

What is your DHCP server?

How many VLAN's will you have or will it just be the standard 2 VLAN's on the UC-500?

Any further information you can provide would be good.


David Trad.

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Jeremy Lizzotte

Yes, there will be SIP Trunk, the UC would not do routing except for phones VLAN100. The DCHP server would be the sonicwall (i could set the phones up staticly). the

Cisco CCA suggested settings:

Note:  All IPs used are suggested, use your own scheme.

1.     Configure > Routing > IP Addresses

          Set VLAN1 IP to same as internal network

               (i.e. if internal network is set VLAN1 IP to

          Set VLAN100 for phone network,

          a.     Device configuration page

                    Set Domain Name to SIP provider domain, i.e.

                    Enable Domain Lookup

                    Enter DNS servers, i.e. and (Google DNS servers)

2.      Configure > Routing > Internet Connection

          Modify FastEthernet

               Select Static IP

                    IP Address -

                    Subet -

                    Default Gateway -    

                    Primary DNS -

                    2nd DNS -


Sonicwall suggested settings:

1.     Connect UC500 to port X3 on Sonicwall.

2.     Go to Network > Interfaces

             Config X3 port:

                  Change Zone to DMZ

                  IP Assignment - Static

                  IP address - i.e.

                  Subnet Mask -  

3.     Go to VoIP > Settings:

          Enable conistent NAT

          Enable SIP Transformations

            Permit non-SIP packets...

            Enable SIP Back-to-Back...

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