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UC560 Trunking Question: PSTN and SIP

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Have a Cisco UC560 that's been up and running for a couple years. It has a T1/E1 ISDN PRI Card with a PRI Trunk to the Provider.  I will be implementing a SR140 FOIP Software.  My Telco provider currently has 4 fax lines broken out to analog from the PRI and I have them connected to an opentext A104 fax appliance.  I want to get rid of the Fax appliance, put the fax lines back into the PRI and then connect those numbers to the Dialogic SR140 Software that will be running on a VM. It is a virtual fax board (SR140)

Can you have BOTH a SIP Trunk for the Fax numbers and the ISDN PRI on the UC560?

Does anyone know how to direct fax numbers from the UC560 to a SR140?


Thank is andvance

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Hi, Well, after a bunch of troubleshooting, with Cisco Tac and Dialogic, I have gotten this to work.  For the record, this was really about getting the UC560 to work with a brooktrout Dialogix virtual fax board (SR140) . Dialogic kept telling me I needed a Sip trunk, when my Pri provider was isdn....that caused a little confusion. Sadly, Cisco does not have much documentation anywhere on how to get anything Cisco to work with the SR140, so a lot of trial and error went into effect.  So, for anyone who has a UC560 with an ISDN PRI and wants to have fax numbers in the PRI be diverted and answered by an SR140, for both incoming and outgoing faxes, using sip to the SR140 here is the core of the config you need to put in the UC560:

Incoming Fax number: 559475xxxx

UC560 Config:

voice service voip
  Fax protocol t38 ls-redunancy o hs-redundancy 0 fallback none

voice class codec 1
 codec preference 1 g711ulaw

fax send transmitting-subscriber $s$

voice translation-rule xxxx (replace xxxx with last 4 digits of fax number)
 rule 1 /xxxxxxxxxx/ //     (replace xxxxxxx with your incoming fax number)

voice translation-profile faxxxxx (replace last four x's with the last 4 digits of your fax number)
 translate calling xxxx  ( replace xxxx with voice translation rule)
 translate called  xxxx  ( replace xxxx with voice translation rule)

voice translation-profile nondialable
 translate called 1000

dial-peer voice 1000000 pots   (fax dial peer)
 incoming called-number xxxxxxxxxx ( replace xxxxxxxxxx with your incoming fax number)
 no digit-strip
 port 0/3/0:23  (ISDN port)
dial-peer voice 5594 voip   (sip dial peer to SR140 Fax board using virtual server ip address)
 translation-profile incoming fax7938
 destination-pattern xxxxxxxxxx (replace xxxxxxxxx with fax number )
 session protocol sipv2
 session target ipv4: ( ip address of windows server running SR140)
 session transport udp
 codec g711ulaw


Repeat as needed for each fax number.

Hope this helps someone else :)


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