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Verasmart call accounting - UC560 reporting challanges

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Hello everyone,

Im sure some of you have experience the same problem which is call accounting for the UC560 series. The lack of built in reporting/call accounting with the UC560 is a huge hole in the product line. Thankfully when we purchased our unit last year the VeraSMART call accounting software was included free.

The system has been working well for the past year, however after upgrading to the latest UC560 software pack several new ext's that were added in the last 2 months are showing as items in the reports without any call detail information.

Its as if these phones do not exist in the VeraSmart system, the error generated when running the report on the ext is

CRITICAL - CONTACT SUPPORT - Failed to Initialize section LostPktPct.

The only change has been upgrading to the latest software pack. Google searches have failed along with reviewing the VeraSmart help file included with the software.

Has anyone else encountered this error before and do you have any documentation on how you fixed the problem?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Justin.

i have looking for this software, but is no longer for free, where can I get a free copy to install, i can help you to search the solution for the issue.

Regards Oscar.