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Vmware Esxi licensing and Prime Collaboration Deployment

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We are hoping to use PCD to do the migration of our Call Manager from 7.1(3) to 10.5. 

We purchased and received a BE 6000, which comes with a Vmware Esxi "Hypervisor" license - this license is NOT supported with PCD.

I converted our ESXI host to the "evaluation" license, which essentially gives PCD access to the VMware APIs, which apparently is the feature that PCD needs to function properly.

My question is, can we do the upgrade using the evaluation license, then just downgrade back to the hypervisor license afterwards? I wanted to make sure there would be no issues with anything afterwards.

If anyone has any experience with this, please let me know.


Fred W.

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Level 1

After the upgrade you no longer need PCD so there shouldn't be any issue with that.

Thanks for the reply. So the "hypervisor" license that shipped on the BE 6000 will be fine to run the machines on?  

Yes after the upgrade just change the license back and turn off your instance of PCD. Hope your upgrade goes well! PCD is an awesome tool!

Ok. Sounds good.

One more question on the PCD - does the tool make any modifications to the existing environment? What if we had an issue with the upgrade while using the PCD and had to rollback to our original configuration? Would we be able to simply turn off the new esxi host and run as it were before?

Depends on what you're doing, there's a BIG difference between an upgrade and a migration.

FYI, even though this would work, if you run into any issue while using PCD, you will NOT have Cisco support at any level, if you want support, you need FND or a license from VMWare (std, ent, ent+, etc)



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