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When registrar on sip-ua trunk is activated, another dial-peer stops working.

Hi forum members


I have the following scenario:


SIP PBX  <--> UC540 <--> SIP trunk to service provider.


The UC540 has the phones with numbers 100 to 105 registered. The PBX has the 7XX numbers. To the PBX, the following dial-peer is used:


dial-peer voice 2 voip
 description To MX-ONE
 destination-pattern [2-7]..$
 session protocol sipv2
 session target ipv4:
 voice-class codec 1  
 dtmf-relay sip-notify


dial-peer voice 1 voip

 description incoming from MX-ONE
 session protocol sipv2
 incoming called-number 10.
 voice-class codec 1  

voice class codec 1
 codec preference 1 g711ulaw
 codec preference 2 g729r8

Everything works for this dial-peer, until the ITSP SIP trunk, with the following configuration, goes up:


 credentials username xxxxxx password 7 xxxxxxxx realm
 authentication username xxxxxxxx password 7 xxxxxxx
 sip-server ipv4:


dial-peer voice 7 voip
 description Internacional via SIP Trunk
 translation-profile outgoing PSTN-OUT-INTERNACIONAL
 destination-pattern 00.T
 session protocol sipv2
 session target sip-server


voice translation-profile PSTN-OUT-INTERNACIONAL
 translate calling 3
 translate called 5


voice translation-rule 3
 rule 1 /^100/ /226434580/
 rule 2 /^101/ /226434581/
 rule 3 /^102/ /226434582/
 rule 4 /^103/ /226434583/
 rule 5 /^104/ /226434584/
 rule 6 /^105/ /226434585/


voice translation-rule 5
 rule 1 /^00/ //


Everything works perfect with the ITSP SIP trunk. It registers, and calls go out an in with no problems:


CMELDA001#sh sip-ua register status
Line                             peer       expires(sec) registered P-Associ-URI
================================ ========== ============ ========== ============
7143167791                       -1         2834         yes        

P.S.: the ephone-dn numbers are already with "no-reg" option, just to isolate them from registering in the sip-ua trunk.


THE PROBLEM is: when this sip-ua trunk goes up, I cant receive calls from the PBX. The call is placed, the phone on the UC540 rings, I answer but it continues ringing on the originating phone up to 20 seconds.

It starts when I put the "registrar" command. Issuing the "no registrar" under the sip-ua, I start receiving calls again from the PBX.


Do someone had a similar problem? I am attaching the debugs with the sip registrar (not working) and without (working).


Thanks all

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