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BACD Output - Output Time Unreliable


Greetings all,

We've set up our UC 560 to output BACD records to our TFTP server. When we first begin receiving records, they are output every hour, and reflect what occured 2 hours previous. So, for example, the 560 will output information during 17:00 hour on what occured in the 14:00 - 15:00 hour.

This was not wholly unexpected, and we figured the UC 560 probably waits 2 hours to make sure calls are ended before it attempts to calculate the statistics waiting for those calls.

However, we are now seeing the 560 begin to drift. It appears random, but the server will not output a record for an hour, and then the next time it does output a record, the record is now 3 (or more) hours behind.

When we reset the ACD Record Output on the 560, it again "snaps" back to the 2 hour delay. We reset the output on Thursday, and as of Monday morning we are more than 12 hours behind at this point.

Maybe the ACD Reporting is functioning by design, and we just don't understand the reasoning for this? Any information would be greatly appeciated.

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