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Client with UC540 wants to replace his PRI with Skype

Thomas Gruendler

I have a client that has a UC540 with a PRI w/23 channels of voice and 25 DIDs.  He is wanting to get rid of the PRI and go with a SIP provider (preferably skype) but wants to keep at least 9 of his DIDs and his main number which rolls over to 3 other numbers.  He really only needs 9 concurrent available channels for voice.  I cannot find anything on Skype's site or here about doing any of this or if anybody has done something like this with a different SIP provider that worked well?

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paolo bevilacqua
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Hall of Fame Master

Before going this route (changing certain for uncertain), check with telco if they can offer partial PRI, e.g 10 channels, and/or a discount as customer is willing to cease contract.

SIP is all good and great but as of today nothing works better than PRI for rock-solid service.

I know what he can get PRI wise, it is that just he wants options before he makes a decision.  The PRI provider is actually giving him a great deal so that is not the question.  The question is, with a SIP trunk, is everything still available such as DIDs, rollover, ect and has anybody set this up on the UC5xx successfully?

Everything is available, and plenty of people run SIP trunks on Cisco UC500, and other platforms. SIP can be a pain to configure sometime, but after it's done it works generally well.

The real question is if you want to depend on the Internet for telephony, that is often a business critical function.


One thing that is NOT available with Skype SIP trunks is fax.  If your client is doing any faxing with his phone lines, then Skype is not a viable option.

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