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IP-Communicator with Windows 7


A customer of mine who upgraded thier pcs to Windows 7 from XP is having problem with the IP-communicator. It starts like normal and the company name is showing, but the phone does'nt become registered and does'nt show up in the topology view in CCA. The clients have registered earlier and the mac addresses has'nt changed since the XP time. They are running V 7.X with Vista support.

I've found a document on that talks about Win 7 support in Q4 2010 but I've alse read a couple of forum posts that says they got it working.

Is there some workaround or is it not worth working on?

Best regards

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Re: IP-Communicator with Windows 7

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Re: IP-Communicator with Windows 7

Hi Marcus

I saw the exact same thing yesterday.

The IP communicator was working on XP but not getting a extension from the UC500.  It was however getting the system name from the UC520.

The problem was that the IP communicator was registering from a pseudo MAC address from the old XP machine but the CIPC client was not on a different platform..

I manually has to make adjustments .

What we did was just use CCA 2.2.1 via  telephony>voice tab,  to delete the old client entry and manually add a new entry.

Up she came with no problems.

regards Dave


Re: IP-Communicator with Windows 7

Thanks Dave!

Will try this immediately.


Re: IP-Communicator with Windows 7

Thanks again Dave!

The solution you provided worked out nicely. The IP-Com registered and the extension was working, oddly though the "line name" did'nt appear as it should on the monitor line and it was only displaying the line extension number. Did this work for you?

Best regards.