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Problem Update and install local Pack in UC520

Hello, When I try to install a flash with the IOS 512M CF 8.20 and the localization package in Spanish in a Cisco UC520 control unit makes formatting, installing the IOSbut I get an error when installing the firmware of the phone and does not follow.

Anyone know how I can overcome this step or I have to disable first

Thank you,

Jean Paul

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Re: Problem Update and install local Pack in UC520

Hi Jean Paul,

Firstly please follow the below instructions, if still failing please respond back.

  1. Disable or turn of any Firewalls or Antivirus programs
  2. Make sure that you are directly connected to the UC
  3. Turn of any TFTP/FTP clients/server running in your system if you do have any
  4. Make sure the UC is not connected to any network or switch, I.E keep it naked
  5. Before you start the upgrade process make sure the UC has fully loaded, look down the bottom left hand corner of CCA and make sure that it has stopped loading the voice data and any other information

If possible try and do this on a Windows XP machine that has nothing installed, basically a very basic thin XP install, this what I call a staging machine and is ideal for all CCA based builds.

Hope this helps you



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