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AnyConnect script for linux on ASA5520 (Ubuntu Distro)

Hi There,

I am using Cisco Anyconnect with great joy.

I want to make clear that i am already familiar with the scripting side of it and run succesfully a script for windows but when i want to run a script on Linux pc's it doesnt work.

The things i already try'd are:

- Giving all rights to the script before importing it.

- Changing the extensions to .sh and to no extension.

- Tested the script locally ofcourse, which runs fine.

- Used the nameconvention OnConnect like Cisco Recommends.

When i look into the /opt/cisco/anyconnect/script i see there is no script downloaded after connecting.

This is the exact script i use and imported on the ASA. (only the hostname is edited)

Can anyone give me some support?

Thanks in advance!


Cisco ASA5520

Software version: 8.2 (5) 26

ASDM Version: 6.4(9)

Anyconnect Client version 3.1.00495 (Linux)

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AnyConnect script for linux on ASA5520 (Ubuntu Distro)

*Bump, No one ever try'd making this work with Anyconnect ??

I try'd using the sample script found on the Cisco site but it also wont download the script in /opt/cisco/anyconnect/script.


Re: AnyConnect script for linux on ASA5520 (Ubuntu Distro)

I Almost feel reluctant to post the answer here because no one seems to care to answer my question. I hope more people try to help eachother in the future and it would be nice for some Cisco people to answer our questions!

The Solution:

The 64 bit version of Anyconnect doesnt work with deploying scripts for linux.

Can someone from Cisco elaborate on this except the standard reply of it not being supported?

As far as i know in Beta means you want people to test it out and report it so you can make improvements. So please do.

As soon as i installed the 32bit Client it worked under every Ubuntu Distro available.



AnyConnect script for linux on ASA5520 (Ubuntu Distro)


I am connecting on 64b Kubuntu 12.10 with Anyconnect version 3.1.00495 (Anyconnect is distributed by my employer). I also connect with rdesktop 1.71 via script.  Inside my script, my rdesktop connection parameters are as follows:

rdesktop -u $domain$usr $pwdstr -D -a 16 $resolution -x b $rhost -r disk:rpc=$localdir -N -z -P$sound


-D       window mode with no borders

-a 16  16 bit color

-x b    broadband connection speed

-N      sync numlocks

-z      enable RDP datastream compression

-P     enable caching of bitmaps

-r disk:rpc=$localdir   shares my local folders with the remote computer

$sound="-r sound:local" pass sound locally if desired