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5505-SEC-BUN-K9 & IPsec Remote Access VPN client maximum

Will White
Level 1
Level 1

Good evening,

A quick question: 5505-SEC-BUN-K9 includes AnyConnect license for maximum 25 concurrent SSL VPN peers. This means it can support also maximum 25 concurrent IPsec/L2TP remote access peers, correct (I do not mean simultaneous 25 SSL+25 IPsec)?

We plan to deploy only IPsec/L2TP but it seems the more expensive Security Plus is required to get over 10 VPN peer max even if we do not use SSL VPN.




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SSL VPN peers do not cover IPsec peers.

When you look at the "show version" output you will see VPN peers and SSL VPN.

At this point I would recommend to you to check this document and contact your Account team for further information about which license works better for you.

Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliances

Licensing Information

I hope it helps.


Dear Javier,

I agree contacting account team would be the best choice. However that is a little bit difficult now.

In the link you provided -- thank you I had looked at it before but did not find it now -- it clearly says:


Base License

IPSec VPN (sessions): 10 (max. 25 combined IPSec and SSL VPN)

Security Plus

IPSec VPN (sessions): 25 (max. 25 combined IPSec and SSL VPN)

This would support the assumptation that Security Plus can handle 25 simultaneous IPSec (remote access) sessions.

Thank you for the help!



Dear Will,

I am glad to hear that

Please count on us at any time!!

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does it mean that i can have only 25 users at a time in 25 ipsec vpn peers 




i can have 25 ipsec vpn tunnels in security plus license...

plz. reply...

I have trouble understanding your question.


Is the first option: "can I have 25 IPsec VPN peers with 25 users in each of those peers" or what do you mean? If you are talking about site-to-site/LAN-to-LAN VPN tunnels, those do not have a limit for "user per tunnel". Each site-to-site tunnel can support "arbitrary" amount of users in both sites. If you are talking about remote access VPN tunnels, it is the amount of tunnels that count not users or peers. 


The second option is clear - you can have 25 concurrent IPsec VPN tunnels with Security Plus. 


This post comes without any warranty. As stated above, you should check with your Cisco rep to have the final correct answer.