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Anyconnect Group Drop Down Not Working

Duane Silva
Level 1
Level 1

I've setup Anyconnect VPN services with multiple groups. A few groups for corporate users and a few vendors. All but one is working correctly. I have a vendor that was already using Anyconnect for their own corporate connections. I had them login to pickup the policies from our ASA. The version they were using and our version are the same (3.1.05152). The problem is that when they try connecting to us they're not able to change logon groups. They don't even get an option to use the pull down menu. It just stuck on the first entry. I believe it must be with the policies previously set on their client from their corporate policy. 

Has anyone ran into this issue and found a way to fix it?

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Marvin Rhoads
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

If you manually copy the profile file from your ASA (___.xml file - should be on disk0:) to their client workstation in the proper directory (listed here - varies by OS), their AnyConnect client should see it and allow them to choose it. (It will require an AnyConnect restart to parse the xml profiles in the directory.)

Hello Duane,

If you are experiencing the exact same symptom as described below, then you need to upgrade your ASA:

CSCum89178 - AC 3.1.05152 for Windows - Unable to select tunnel-group from drop down


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