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AnyConnect Mac OSX Install pkg

Shawn Merriman
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I typically hide or remove packages within the AnyConnect installer for the Mac and have had great success. This new version of AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client 3.1.04074, I want to head into a different direction. I want have all the packages available for clients to install, but only have the VPN option selected by default. I have been playing with the configuration file (distribution) for a while now without success. If there is another forum this is answered in, please point me there, as I am unable to locate this information. Breaking it down, my goal is to just edit the file, distribution, so that all options are availabe, but only VPN is pre-selected.

For those who do not know which file I am referring to, I will attempt to attach it.

Thank you.

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Shawn Merriman
Level 1
Level 1

Perhaps if I explain the process to extract and re-package the pkg, some talented individual can reproduce this issue and identify a resolution.

Pull the AnyConnect PKG off your ISO, just mount and copy to the desktop. Open Terminal, in your utilities folder, and type, or copy/paste, "pkgutil --expand ~/Desktop/AnyConnect.pkg ~/Desktop/AnyConnect" (remove quotes, of course). Now, on the Desktop you will have a folder named, of all things, AnyConnect. Open that folder with Finder (just double click on it). Now you see the file that needs editing. After it has been saved, "re-package" the PKG with another command in Terminal, "pkgutil --flatten ~/Desktop/Anyconnect ~/Desktop/AnyConnect.New.pkg". Now, there will be a new PKG file, named AnyConnect.New.pkg, on the Desktop with the changes made. This is no longer a signed file, and if the individual performing these modifications is not an Apple developer, the PKG can still be run, by temporarily lowering the Security Settings in the System Preferences to allow all packages to be run.

Thank you for taking the time to look into this and any assistance will be appreciated.

"We" have figured this out. After extracting the package, making a modification to the distribution file, show below, then signing the file, putting the pkg back together, it works. Also, be cautious of your text editor. I was having inconsistent results in testing, but when I jumped to a terminal window and used pico to edit the file, life was restored to good.

an example is:

    selected="false" title="Diagnostics and Reporting Tool" description="Installs the diagnostics module that collects AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client troubleshooting information.">




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