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cannot access internal web server from same lan

i cant resolve one problem in may 1921 ISR router, i have a web server in my internal lan , i set up static nat for accessing that web server from outside and it works fine but i cannot view that site from internal workstations can you suggest me what to do. i need packets to go out the outgoing interface of router and then come back and enter the static nat wich will direct to the web server is it possible?

static nat is

ip nat inside source static tcp  <local web server adress> 80 <global address> 80

also i have set up dinamic nat for outgoing trafic

ip nat inside source list <access-list> interface <outgoing interface>   

and it is working fine too.

on external interface i have nat outside

on internal interface i have nat inside


i made some tests and i found out that when i am trying to open that web site from internal host router is not performing nat

This is not working because your router has a direct to your web server that is not through the outside interface which is needed for nat to occur, for this to work you need to setup a loopback interface as nat outside and policy route traffic to there for your server traffic

Bu if your server is internal why do you need nat at all? Can you not use bind with views that might be simpler


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thenx for relplay i will test that, but i dont undersand what do you meen under can you not use bind with views? I should use that stuff on my dns or should

not, or something else?

Config what i set up

int loopback 0

   ip address

   ip nat outside

ip access-list extended (name)

   permit 80 any x.x.x.x (i tryed both global adress and server local)

roure-map (name) permit 10

  match ip address (access-list name)

  set ip next-hop

Int g0/1

  ip policy route-map (name)

But it does not helped

Hi Nika,

Are the internal server and end users in the same subnet? In that case, no need to send traffic to gateway, right? It should work perfectly fine.

Please let me know if I misread your topology.