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Cisci still hates Microsoft (Windows VPN)


I just read the 'readme' for the VPN Client 5.0. Still no stateful firewall for Vista. Still no 64-bit support.

Where is Cisco? Vista's been coming for over a year. What do you want us to do? Give up on the concentrators and go with Microsoft IAS VPN?

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Considering that Nortel doesn't have a VPN client for Vista yet either, I'd say Microsoft hates interoperating with others. They did completely rewrite the network stack, you know.

It's not like they kept it a secret... I've had Vista beta code for over a year, and I'm not even a close developer/customer....

We don't know for how long Microsoft has been working on the Vista development. Developing a new client from scratch takes time.

Phillip Remaker
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

February 18, 2010
Due to popular demand, the Cisco VPN Client v5.0.7 open beta is now available!
In addition to serving as a general maintenance release, the Cisco VPN Client 5.0.7 beta is compatible with Windows 7 & Windows Vista 64-bit environments. 
A 64-bit specific compatible image is available for installation on these platforms.

Please have communicate feedback (both positive and problems) to

Key Capabilities available for Beta Testing:
New Platform support – Windows 7 & Windows Vista 64-bit platform compatibility
Software Access: (under 5.BETA)
Software is available for download by any customer with a SMARTnet™ enabled login.
Release Notes will be available next week via a link once the download image is selected.

There are currently no plans to support Windows XP 64 bit in the VPN client.

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