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Cisco AnyConnect installation failed, how to install from CCMCache?

Hi, I do first level tech support for a company. We use cisco AnyConnect to connect the users remotely, and recently we did an update from Cisco 4.6 to Cisco 4.9 (through SCCM), I am troubleshooting some users who hard shut down their computer when the update was installing,  and now they don't have any VPN installed. I am escalating these calls as I am not sure how to troubleshoot this. I have asked the users to open software center to see if they can install the software from there, but software center doesn't seem to open if not on VPN. If I have the user access the software files by entering the file path address on file explorer:  C:\PROD\WSD\ccmcache\XX.  they can see Pkginst but they are asked for AdminCreds to install. Does anyone know if there is anything I can do on my side to resolve this issue? I have admin creds (but cant netop in without a vpn connection) I am not sure if there is another way to troubleshoot, most of the time our company asks us to escalate it to level 2, and they just end up replacing the computers as they seem to not want to troubleshoot. But I would like to actually resolve the issue instead of just replacing. 


That is a tricky one, I think easiest option in these cases would be to run into a WebEx session with the users, where you can take control of their machine and install AnyConnect.

VIP Advocate

I guess its too late as the damage is done. but for the future reference you could use anyconnect client deferred upgrade. here is the link



Enable AnyConnect Client Deferred Upgrade

Deferred Upgrade allows the AnyConnect user to delay download of a client upgrade. When a client update is available, AnyConnect opens a dialog asking the user if they would like to update, or to defer the upgrade. This upgrade dialog will not appear unless you have AutoUpdate set to Enabled in the AnyConnect profile setting.

Deferred Upgrade is enabled by adding custom attribute types and named values to the ASA; then referencing and configuring those attributes in a group policy.

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