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Cisco Anyconnect Umbrella does not work anymore


I work for a company that uses Cisco Anyconnect for our VPN. We also use Umbrella for security when on/off network.


Everything was working fine, but recently the following thing started happening.


When using WiFI:


1) Roaming Security/Umbrella shows GREEN when not connected to VPN.

2) I dial in to VPN and authenticate.

3) Umbrella stays green for a couple of minutes, then turns RED. It never comes back to green. All DNS lookups and network requests start failing. Laptop becomes unusable.


Disconnecting/Reconnecting/Rebooting/Reinstalling CISCO client does not help.


When using Ethernet


1) Umbrella shows RED when not connected to VPN.

2) I connect to VPN and authenticate.

3) Umbrella now becomes green. But sometimes, it will become RED after some time. Disconnect/Reconnect will fix it until it happens again.

On ethernet connection is flaky. It works most of the time.


I look at /opt/cisco/anyconnect/umbrella/data/beacon-logs/service/acumbrellacore.log logfile on my Mac, and I see that the logfile has message like "Encrypted probe failure" when the connection goes down.


Some googling indicated that IPV6 causes this problem. I disabled IPv6. I have rebooted the laptop and it doesnt fix anything.


Is there any way to do a local override and disable Umbrella.


My Anyconnect Version: 4.10.04071

OS Version: Mac OS Monterey v12.4 (Version 12.4 (Build 21F79))


Please help! My mac on WIFI has become unusable with VPN. I wont be able to work when I travel.


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Kasun Bandara
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor

as per points you expressed, i suspect VPN DNS settings. have any changes done in anyconnect client profiles? seems like your PC unable to connect DNS while you are connected to VPN. check that as a first step

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Good luck



Thanks for your reply. I am not a admin, so I dont know.


How do I find out what my DNS settings are? When I look at the adapters in the Mac, it shows to be pointing to my router. But my router is working fine, when not using Umbrella.

Marvin Rhoads
VIP Community Legend VIP Community Legend
VIP Community Legend
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